About Our One-of-a-Kind Dog Care Program in Oakland, CA 

Delivering More Care at A Lower Cost
BlissBound Hound is your single, simple destination for the absolute best in professional pet care services. We can provide care in your home, or we can pick up and drop off your pooch so you don't have to lift a finger.
Dog owners have traditionally had to source services like grooming, vet care, daycare, and pet sitting from a number of different providers, but we do it all here at BlissBound Hound. Our brand-new business model, which is unlike anything else in the Bay Area, gives us the ability to offer our clients discounts on a single monthly package that works for their budget and eliminates unexpected dog ownership expenses, while providing our clients the convenience of having a single point of contact for all of their dog care needs. BlissBound Hound is licensed and insured, operating with professional certifications in animal CPR, medication administration, and dog training.

The company was co-founded by Julie (Jules) Kane and Paul Kott; the two hold many professional dog care certifications, from animal CPR and medication administration to professional dog training. Jules has extensive experience as a dog sitter and walker, while Paul's background is rooted in dog training and behavior. Furthermore, both Jules and Paul have handpicked a team of experienced professionals who approach their work with a firm dedication to animal welfare and rescue efforts.
More than Just Puppy Love

Love is the key ingredient at BlissBound Hound. Paul and Jules built the business from scratch, thriving on support and encouragement from one another and a genuine desire to impart to everyone the healing power and happiness that canine ownership can bring. As Dean Koontz said, “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is diminished.” They’ve both overcome adversity – Jules lost her parents while she was young, and Paul lost a brother – and this has taught them to appreciate both people and pets.

They have worked hard to build success from their core values: honesty, compassion, hard work, and dedication. It’s these values that allow BlissBound Hound to give the best possible experience to all clients – two-legged and four-legged alike – every single day.

BlissBound Hound is a true family company, a labor of love. Jules, Paul, and the rest of the team are honored each day to work with fantastic clients and to be invited into the lives of new ones. Their top goal is to make family members of their clients. Everyone at BlissBound Hound is thankful for the opportunity to earn your business, and they aim to provide a personal level of comfort to each and every client and dog.

After all, helping to achieve truly blissful relationships between dogs and their people is what BlissBound Hound is all about!
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