Provide Excellent Dog Care for Your Tenants Through BlissBound Hound

BlissBound Hound provides real estate ventures fantastic options to offer tenants of their residential and/or commercial properties.
Property managers, developers, owners, and brokers can all benefit from BlissBound Hound’s lucrative referral reward programs. In addition, BlissBound Hound can offer the benefit of our unique one-stop-shop approach to dog care to attract high-end tenants who expect the best in luxury amenities and cutting edge, high-quality service offerings.

BlissBound Hound offers comprehensive dog care, providing complete service in every possible category, from vet care, grooming, training and behavioral therapy to exercise and socialization, and sitting/boarding services. Your tenants won’t have to chase us down: our service providers go where the dog is. We offer service in-home or include free pick-up and drop-off in our fleet of Nissan NV vans.

Whether your property is dog-friendly for residents or businesses or a no-dogs-allowed commercial space, BlissBound Hound offers programs that will differentiate your property, provide unique benefits to help you attract and retain top-tier tenants, and even provide exciting opportunities for recurring revenue.
How BlissCare Can Work for Your Property

Dogs, whether in the workplace or in the home, have a huge, positive impact on people.

People are happier, longer-term tenants and better, more productive workers when they have dogs in their lives.
Whether or not your property is dog-friendly, there is a wealth of data that shows your commercial tenants can benefit from employees who own pets. Plus, there is no question that the increased rental value, longer-term tenancy, and higher-average-income bracket renters that a dog-friendly residential space attracts mean that making your space dog-friendly is at the very least worthy of serious consideration. 

Our BlissCare options are fully customizable and offer your tenants access to the very best in dog care with a focus on service, quality, and integrity. Besides offering your tenants ease and convenience, BlissBound Hound can also help them do their part to help the environment.

As we plan for future communities of greater density around transit hubs, BlissBound Hound’s model of providing free transport with every dog care service is designed to support the millennial generation’s tendency away from individual vehicle ownership and a move toward car-share technologies and carbon-neutral transport options.
If you are interested in giving your tenants access to BlissCare packages, but not so sure about the payoff, BlissBound Hound offers real estate businesses the opportunity to enroll in a referral rewards program. 

Each tenant who enrolls in a discounted BlissBound Hound monthly BlissCare package at one of your properties generates a recurring monthly commission as long as they remain a subscriber, for the duration of their tenancy.

All you’ll need to do is answer a few basic questions, and we’ll get back to you with program pricing and information that will help you set your property apart and define you as a bold, forward-thinking property manager who is geared to succeed in 2016 and beyond! Just fill out the form below to get started.

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