Dog Grooming, Training, Daycare & More in Oakland, CA & Surrounding Areas

At BlissBound Hound, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality dog services.
As licensed, insured, and trained professionals, there is no one in Oakland, CA and the surrounding areas more qualified than us to care for man’s best friend. You’ll notice our difference, and you’ll notice the difference in your dog, too.

From the time we pick up your dog until the time we drop him or her back off at your home, your dog will be in the best hands. 

No matter which services you choose, you can know that your dog will be comfortable, happy, and safe throughout his or her entire time with us. 

Get more quality time with your furry family member. We’ll handle the lines, inconvenience, and driving. We’ll do the mad dashes and handle the waiting rooms. All you’ll need to do is give your dog the love and affection he or she needs.

We thank you for choosing Bliss Hound Bound, and we can’t wait to meet your little furry friend!
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When your pet leaves our car, they will be perfectly groomed, clean, calm, and happy!

If you have any questions about our services, please browse our website or give us a call.

So Why Choose BlissBound Hound?

BlissBound Hound continues to add only the best to our roster, operating with an all-star work group that has set a new bar in excellence for pet service providers. BlissBound Hound has the best grooming team there is, with over 25 years of AKC championship show experience. We firmly believe that our veterinarians are the finest in the Bay Area. Already have a vet or groomer you love? No problem! We’re always happy to add qualified groomers and veterinarians to our network.

We operate an extensive, robust training program for employees and contractors, requiring our team members to complete educational programs in dog services established by the leading professional certification programs in the industry. We are committed to ongoing professional level certification and educational efforts, and we strive to continually improve as professionals.

We are always working to raise the bar of customer expectation in our industry. The whole team at BlissBound Hound understands that the overwhelming demand for convenient, professional pet services reflects something important. Your desire for a brand that can guarantee the unparalleled level of quality and simplicity BlissBound Hound brings to pet care shows how much you care about your pet.
We appreciate the unique needs of our clients, human and otherwise, and make it simple to customize the type of care that fits your pack's needs perfectly. 

Whether you have a single dog or a dozen special needs rescue animals with a variety of health, diet, and behavioral issues that need to be managed, BlissBound Hound will make it simple to assemble a care package that exceeds your expectations in every way. 

Browse our services or call us to learn what we can do for you today!
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