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BlissBound Hound.

A unique Bay Area company dedicated to being your single source for dog day care.
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Dog Day Care Oakland, CA

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Centrally Managed, Operated in Small Packs

BlissBound Hound’s BlissMatch system connects your dog with a perfect group, every time.
From dog sitting and dog walking to socialization, grooming, dog training, and even vet care, we do it all.

We offer something most other dog care companies don’t: in-home care through BlissNanny or care in the home of one of our professional sitters through Remote BlissNanny. This model is made possible through our one-of-a-kind BlissMatch system. After we give your dog a free behavioral assessment, we’ll enter that data into our system. This allows us to carefully connect each dog with a group for walks, romps, or Remote BlissNanny. No kenneling, no problems!

Even better, when you work with BlissBound Hound, all sitters, wherever care is provided, are centrally managed by BlissBound Hound field supervisors. Our employees all pass rigorous background checks and are comprehensively trained. Each location is kept up to our high standards. You are guaranteed a consistent level of high-quality service every time you work with us.

We even provide transportation to and from your dog’s appointments in our fleet of specially outfitted vans, all equipped with zero-emission solar powered air conditioners for the dogs’ climate controlled comfort.

Best of all, with our affordable and predictable pricing, highly trained dog specialists, and unique concierge service, we offer everything you could possibly want for dog care, all in one convenient custom package. Call our dog day care for dog grooming, dog sitting and much more!
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