Dog Grooming in Oakland, CA

Is Your Schedule Giving Your Dog a Bad Hair Day?

BlissBound Hound to the grooming rescue!

We provide grooming services that include the free pickup and drop-off of your dog. In a world as fast-paced and busy as ours is today, you just don't have the time to spend entire days driving around to various specialists and pet stores to get all the grooming services and products your dog needs to stay looking and feeling healthy, clean, and free of fleas and ticks. With BlissBound Hound in your corner, keeping up with grooming your dog has never been easier. And you don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience. 

Our groomers are the absolute finest professionals in the industry, with over 25 years of AKC champion show dog grooming experience, so you can rest assured that your dog's care will be of the absolute finest professional quality. The results are truly stunning, with each returning dog looking ready to take first prize in a competition! If you just want to schedule an appointment and get your dog caught up with complete care, schedule a BlissTotal service now. 

And don’t forget how easy we make it! Our grooming service includes free transportation in our special fleet of Nissan NV vans, which come equipped with solar-powered air conditioning to keep your pooch comfortable without harming the environment.

Please note that we recommend that all dog grooming services be completed once a month. If you want to get your dog’s coat, nails, teeth, ears, and flea treatment all taken care of, the BlissTotal is your best option! We serve the Oakland, CA area!
• Free pickup and drop-off 

• Professional groomers

• Techs with over 25 years of AKC experience

• You can select the haircut style
• Includes all grooming services, plus more:
• BlissWash 
• BlissNails 
• BlissTeeth 
• BlissEars 
• Haircut
• Anal gland expression

• Free pick-up and drop-off

• Professional groomers

• Thorough bathing in professional grooming tub

• Comfortably lukewarm water – not too hot or too cold

• You select the shampoo type best for your dog

• Choose from electric dryer or towel drying

• Complete coat brushing

• Best when bundled with our BlissFlea treatment
• Free pick-up and drop-off

• Professional groomers

• Perfect, painless nail clipping

• Techs with over 25 years of AKC experience

• Show-quality nail service
• Free pick-up and drop-off

• Professional groomers

• External wipes

• Liquid internal ear wash

• Prevent infections and itchy ears

• Avoid hot spots and scrapes
• Free pick-up and drop-off

• Professional groomers

• High-quality tooth brushing

• Tooth gel application to teeth and gums

• Assessment of teeth condition

• Freshens bad breath

• Helps prevent tooth decay
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