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Need Dog Training – Like Yesterday?

BlissBound Hound specializes in creating custom private training packages to help you achieve your goals with your dog.
Our professional dog training approach is grounded in real science, not TV magic or unproven mystical mumbo jumbo.

We start with a free consultation to determine what your goals and needs are and design a custom package for you based on that information. We use clicker and crate training at the core of our positive reinforcement training method.

We've found that dogs spend most of the time during group training exploring the new space and meeting dogs and their people instead of learning. So we train your dog one-on-one in the familiar environment of your home. 

Our dog training can cover just about any issue you’re dealing with. Is your dog overreacting to the noise and bustle of everyday life? We can help with our Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). Do you want to make sure your puppy or adolescent pooch learns how to socialize the right way? We can teach him or her! Do some of your dogs’ negative behaviors have you tearing your hair out? Relax, we have it covered.

Having complete full-service care also allows us to incorporate other services if they'll help to reach training goals. We can help to socialize your dog with our BlissWalks and BlissRomps, keep them looking great with grooming, and keep an eye on them when you can’t with BlissNanny.

Call now to set up your FREE, zero commitment training consultation. Remember our name when you are in Oakland, CA!
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Why Dog Training is Important

 While dogs are oftentimes our best friends, they need to be taught social cues, as well as how to behave in a public place and around lots of stimulation. Understanding the specific dog, as well as the needs of its owner are incredibly important for the training process, which is why we stay away from group training, and focus on each pup individually. We use positive reinforcement, which uses praise and treats to reward your dog for doing something correctly. This will allow them to learn what to do and what not to do in a manner that is comfortable for the dog, owner, and trainer. Our training comes in two different options, depending on the issues you are having. First is our Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), which focuses on solving bad behavior issues. The second is our specialized full service training, which uses proven scientific methods to help your dog become more susceptible to commands and less likely to misbehave.
Private BlissTraining

• One-on-one training
• Prevent distraction in familiar home environment
• Clicker-based training method
• No fear tactics
• Custom training program designed for you
• Goal-based assessments to track progress
• Proven scientific methods – no gimmicks
• Perfect when bundled with socializing pack activities
Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)
• Scientific training method developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP
• Force-free training that empowers dogs to participate in their own care
• Excellent for reactive dogs
• Gives dogs and people tools to handle dogs’ “triggers” and scary situations for dogs
• Includes leash training, survival skills, and training for small spaces
• Customized for your dog’s needs
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