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1. What is BlissMatch?
BlissMatch is our revolutionary behavioral assessment system that matches your dog to the perfect pack. We use the best, most current scientific data available along with assessment information that you provide. Using BlissMatch instead of outmoded placing systems, which group by size, breed or opinion, tailors your dog's service to create a blissful experience.

2. How would I benefit from monthly BlissCare packaging?
Creating a monthly routine for your pup creates stability, familiarity, and calmness. And when you purchase in advance, we’re able to give you big discounts, which also apply to any "add-on" services. You can even try us out for FREE! We'll happily offer you a first free BlissWalk or BlissNanny upon signup; just ask us for details. Have more than one pooch? We offer a multi-dog discount!

3. What if I only want one or two walks here and there?
No problem! All services are offered a la carte. Also, any time you use BlissBound Hound for occasional walks or daycare, your pooch will always be BlissMatched to the right home or pack, just like our monthly subscribers. We’ll even store your information, making the next time you request a service a snap.

4. What time can you walk my dog?
We offer BlissWalks in the mid-afternoon, late afternoon, and early evening. Need a specific time or requesting a solo walk? Just give us a call, and we'll do our best to accommodate.
5. What is BlissNanny?
BlissNanny is our term for our in-home care model, which focuses on our talented team of professional care providers. Studies show that dogs are more prone to anxiety and stress when they are away from a home environment. Kennels also carry much higher risks of disease transmission. Finally, the unfamiliar location and large number of new and poorly grouped dogs can produce anxiety and even result in ongoing psychological trauma in some cases. That's why our in-home model is a blissful bet. All of our BlissNannies have aced our BBH training program and are covered by our complete liability insurance.
6. I see you have BlissNanny, BlissNanny Remote, and BlissNanny Drop-In. Which is right for us?
Great question! We’ll explain what each program offers, so you can decide which is best for you:  

BlissNanny: When you’re out of town, a BlissNanny professional can care for your pooch in your own home, making him/her feel perfectly comfortable while you’re away. The BlissNanny can come to your home at a time of your choosing, but “check-out time” is noon after the last day of service.

BlissNanny Drop-In: If your pet is mostly self-reliant but needs to be occasionally checked on for walks, feedings, and the like, then you should choose this option. With BlissNanny Drop-In, we'll hang with your pup for around an hour for feeding, play, cuddling, or potty breaks.

BlissNanny Remote: When you need daycare or dog sitting outside your own home, you can still reap the benefits of “in-home care" with BlissNanny Remote. Our BlissNanny will take your pooch to his or her home. All BlissBound Hound dogs are grouped using our BlissMatch system, so you can be confident that your dog will be in great company. Only 6 dogs are ever grouped together at one time.

Your Questions, Answered

7. I have a cat or other pets. Can you still help me?
Though it is not our primary business focus, most of our BlissNannies are awesome with cats, turtles, fish, and just about any other pet you can imagine! Just mention your other pets when making your quote request, and we’ll match you with the ideal BlissNanny!

8. Will adding BlissWellness to my plan save me money?
According to the S.P.C.A. in 2016, consumers spend around $260 per dog every year on average for non-emergency vet care alone. With our BlissWellness plan, you'll never spend over $240, even though adding a BlissWellness plan to your package will give you up to TEN non-emergency visits per year, which is a $500 value! Annual check-ups, immunizations, minor infections and illnesses, heartworm tests, and the like are all covered. In addition, we will keep track of your dog's health records and remind you when to schedule future appointments or refill necessary prescriptions.

9. What training options do you have?
Every dog's needs are different. Young or old, it is never too late to train. We offer first-time training and Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). Call to set an appointment with one of our experienced and certified trainers. First, we’ll build a free assessment of your dog's existing habits and behaviors. Then, through a series of appointments using positive reinforcement methods, our professional trainers will teach you how to train your dog for life.
10. Where is your facility? Can I drop my dog off?
BlissBound Hound is a network of subcontractors. We use BlissMatch to find the best, quickest and most efficient team members and facilities to suit your dog's service needs according to task and location. BlissNannies, groomers and vets are scattered throughout the East Bay. All transportation is free and provided by us in our fleet of comfortable, climate-controlled Nissan NV vans. So that your dog's ride is always smooth, each vehicle is fully stocked with canine accoutrements and outfitted with solar converters and air conditioning units, to ensure that the temperature is always cool even when the vans are not running.

11. How will I know how my dog is doing in your care?
We send pictures and updates from each BlissWalk and throughout every BlissNanny sit, but you are always welcome to call!

12. What if I need help deciding on the right BlissCare package?
We're happy to walk you through it! Give us a call and we'll help you customize the right package for you.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us! We’d be happy to answer any and all questions. 
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